Our Current Emphases

Now Go Network currently has four major emphases:

We are funding the training and education of 50 Ugandan pastors. Not only will tuition be funded at Church Answers University, Tyndale House Publishers is providing the textbooks. These pastors must be trained and credentialed so their churches can spread the gospel in East Africa. This ministry will soon expand to the East African countries of Southern Sudan, Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania, as well as Nigeria in West Africa.

We will provide tuition and books for 100 bivocational pastors in North America, hoping to expand that number to thousands of pastors in the future. Every pastor around the world can get fully funded tuition and books for only $1,497.

Now Go Network is particularly excited to be a part of The Hope Initiative, which seeks in God’s power to bring back the priority of evangelism to local churches around the world. We anticipate that 500 churches will undertake this initiative in 2022. A donation of $900 funds one church and moves them toward greater evangelistic health.

Providing Funding to Help Churches Understand and Reach Their Communities.

Providing Current Resrach to Help Churches Understand How to Reach People in Today’s Culture.

Impact the health of churches today!

Your tax-deductible donation will go toward improving the health of churches and the training of pastors around North America.

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