Dr. Michael Rubino


Pastor Mike Rubino is a leader who loves the local church. Over the course of 20 years, he has helped lead multiple church plants, re-plants, and revitalizations. When God first called him to minister in the Northeast many church leaders told him it was a graveyard for the local church. However, it was in those moments he realized there was no better place to see God’s resurrection power in person than in a graveyard! Under his leadership and shepherding Cornerstone Bible Church has transitioned from a dying mono-cultural and generational church to a thriving multi-cultural and generational expression of God’s kingdom in their community. But the vision God gave Pastor Mike extends beyond one community. He believes that every community needs a healthy local church. That requires raising up local leaders, resourcing local churches, &releasing them to serve their communities. To make that vision a reality he launched the Revitalize Conference, founded the Church Revitalize Center, and now serves as the President of the Revitalize Network.

As a certified Church coach specializing in both church Re-planting and Revitalization Pastor Mike has the passion, training, and calling to serve churches in need. He holds a Doctorate in Education, Leadership and Technology, MA’s in both Theology and Business, and a BA in Psychology. He is married to his 7th Grade Christian School sweetheart and has two teenagers who love the Lord but have caused him to go bald prematurely.